Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skinner's Hell Dream

Artwork & Music by Skinner

Animation by
Jim Dirschberger


Ryan said...

Oh wow, shockingly good!
Is Fantastic Animation ever going to be updated as often as Monster Brains? Everything on here is so wonderful.

Aeron said...

Hi Ryan,

I wish I could update this blog as often as Monster Brains. Unfortunately, I am very selective about the sort of animation I post on here, which makes it difficult to have a regular source of material to post. I do a huge amount of digging and researching for Monster Brains to find that amount of constant content. I wish I could do the same for this sort of strange fantastical animation, but juggling Monster Brains and my art career make it difficult to put time into other projects. But as interesting animations cross my path, I will do my best to post them on here! And I really do need to update this place at least once every few weeks. I'll try to start doing that.

Ryan said...

Hi Aeron,
That makes perfect sense, understandable. Takes a lot of effort to sort the wheat from the chaff and all that. If you're ever stuck for stuff, I can point you towards the Visions of Frank DVD - many interpretations of Jim Woodring's comics. Hold on, you might already've done that one... Have you? Sorry, losing track. Erm, also, Jan Svankmajer's done some messed up stuff. And there's Rob Zombie's hallucination sequence in the Beavis & Butt-Head movie. Oops, sorry, rambling now, but yeah, keep it up for what you can, Monster Brains is great enough.