Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is the first feature length animated film from China. The fluid movements of the characters are the result of rotoscoping, invented by Max Fleischer. "Princess Iron Fan is a simplified is a fictional character from the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. She is the wife of the Bull King and mother of Red Boy. She is a beautiful goddess living in an underground cave awaiting her husband's return, but also angry at him for his affair with a foxy vixen woman. She refused to lend the Monkey King (Sun Wu Kong) her fan to subdue the flaming mountains. Her fan is extremely large and has magical properties, as it can create giant whirlwinds." - quote source.

The film includes some incredibly bizarre scenes such as the clip above involving the insect inside the woman moving around her organs then climbing out and growing into the animal headed character. There is another strange scene in the film involving a large dragon that is deflated like a balloon, rolled up and taken away.

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