Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gerald Scarfe - Pink Foyd (The Wall)

"Gerald Scarfe is a comic artist, painter and designer who has worked as a cartoonist for several newspapers, as a designer for opera and animated movies. Gerald Scarfe's cartoons can be seen in The Sunday Times each week. Gerald's most famous animation was for Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'." - quote from here.

An interview with Scarfe can be found here.
A book was released in 2005 collecting Scarfe's work, you can find it here.
And Scarfe on wikipedia.


Amaris said...

Thanks for writing this.

lucifer sam said...

Scarfe's a legend. I first came across his work in the Floyds wall movie. I think the success of the film apart from the Floyds music is also down 2 the amazing animation from Scarfe. I'm a massive Floyd fan&now a massive Gerald Scarfe fan.