Friday, November 03, 2006

Korgoth Of Barbaria!

When I started this blog I never would have thought I'd be posting something that played on Adult Swim but then came Korgoth. Here in 3 broken down segments is the pilot episode to what (if it gets picked up) could be the best animated show of next year. The fact that Bill Wray paints the backgrounds doesn't hurt it none either. I couldn't help but notice the "october" at the start of the above trailer, and knowing that month has come and gone and still no Korgoth show. With all the outright horrible shows that Adult Swim has, it will be a crime if they don't pick this up.

Click the following numbers to see each segment of the pilot. You apparently have to be signed in to view the third clip.

Korgoth Pilot 1 of 3 - Korgoth Pilot 2 of 3 - Korgoth Pilot 3 of 3

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