Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fantastic Planet

This is the english dubbed version of the classic animated film from René Laloux and Roland Topor.

Part 1 of 7
Part 2 of 7
Part 3 of 7
Part 4 of 7
Part 5 of 7
Part 6 of 7
Part 7 of 7


DrMorbius said...

Hi there, I love this scifi movie, one of the few scifi animation classics.

Its nice to see places like this, since Codia seems to be outdated.

I do have a similar blog where from time to time I post some animations.

Feel free to check it out.


mmkarla said...

WONDERFUL FILM!!!!!!!!!!! Iam looking for it, since a long time... Thanks

mmkarla said...

WONDERFUL FILM!!!!!!!! Iam looking for this , since a long time! Thanks