Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tony Millionaire - Ship of Jokes / Maakies

Tony Millionaire is the creator of many great comics such as Sock Monkey, Maakies and my favorite book released this year, Billy Hazelnuts. Linked above is a flash animation featuring characters from Tony's demented world.

Click the links below to see animated episodes from "Maakies", a Tony Millionaire cartoon featured on Saturday Night Live.

Episode 1 - Tar Trap
Episode 2 - Mermaid
Episode 3 - Clam Shack
Episode 4 - Fear Of Fire
Episode 5 - Vacation
Episode 6 - Drinky The Crow

Also, Tony is working on another animated show for Adult Swim titled "THE DRINKY CROW SHOW."

To purchase some incredible original artwork from Millionaire's comics, click here.


Anonymous said...

hey. this comment is not really about this post. although i love all the stuff you do post. thank you for this page. i wanted to let you know about chad vangaalen. he is one of my favorite artists. he plays music and animates his own videos. i think you might like. check out his video for clinically dead.

dizulli said...

Hi- this isn't about this particular post either! (sorry!) I was searching for something and came across your blog. You just may be the perfect person to ask! I'm looking for an animated movie that was out sometime in the 80's. Great soundtrack. Not Heavy Metal but I THINK around the same time. It was about a soldier, possibly WWII, who played piano but took up the harmonica while doing his duty. No one seems to know what I'm talking about. I know I didn't dream this though!! Let me know if you have some idea, please? Thank you!!