Thursday, October 26, 2006

Suzan Pitt - El Doctor

Here is a 30 second clip from a 24 minute animated film titled "El Doctor".

"EL DOCTOR is a dark animated poem set in a crumbling Mexican hospital about 1920. Inhabited by surreal characters including the man shot with one hundred holes, the girl who sprouted morning-glories, and the woman who thinks she is a horse, the Doctor prefers to drink. The Saint of Holes and a mysterious gargoyle rearrange the Doctor's fated demise and send him on a dark and twisted journey.

The film celebrates the nature of perception and the miraculous. Over five years in production the film was entirely hand painted by artists in Los Angeles and Mexico.

"Tinged with elements of magic realism and Mexican culture, and told using vivid oil colors, American animation El Doctor is a dazzling, haunting and poignant evocation of a man's final moments."

More information on the animator and purchasing details of the film can be found here.

Check out this insane paintng of Superman covered in giant beetles made by Pitt.

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