Friday, September 08, 2006

Raoul Servais - Operation X - 70

A very unusual animated short film from 1971. Here is the plot summary from imdb...

"A man in a gas mask briefs his country's top generals on a new weapon, a gas named X-70 that quickly turns "rats and Asiatics" into lethargic, comatose, contemplative lumps. The victims do not die, explains the scientist, so the weapon is within the country's Christian tradition. Bombers are immediately sent toward the enemy (unnamed, but it is the Vietnam era). A sex-crazed in-flight computer gives the pilot bad coordinates, and he lets loose bombs of X-70 on what turns out to be a friendly Western nation, Nebelux. A mask-wearing squadron goes to Nebelux and finds unexpected damage. How will the soldiers, the generals and the scientist react?"

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